continuing education

Our Mission: Create More WiseTherapists.

One of the core reasons WiseTherapist exists is to give back to the counseling community. We want to help new counselors get established and help established professionals become even better. To accomplish this, we provide continuing education and materials to mental health professionals on relevant topics, presented in a convenient and personable manner.  

In-Person Seminars and Workshops

Online courses are convenient, but sometimes you just need to be face-to-face with others in your field and share the air with each other while you learn. Our in-person workshops use the same dynamic presentations as our webinars. We pull content from our own experiences to illustrate issues and real-world challenges faced by counselors and their clients.  In addition to the information in the presentations themselves, our speakers often provide handouts, forms, data, or other tools for counselors to use in their own practice.

Convenient Online Learning

We offer online courses that you can watch on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. These aren't the boring, text-filled webinars that you're used to watching - they are dynamic online presentations that focus on important topics that are relevant to today's mental health professionals, like you. And you can complete each course at your own pace.

Our online store also has products that are available for download, such as sample client information forms, assessment tools, NCC exam study tools, and more.

CE Approval

We are in the process of seeking approval in all 50 states for our continuing education webinars, but for now, we're starting here at home in Oklahoma. (As you can imagine, there are a lot of licensing boards out there - and they all have different rules.) Status of state approvals will be updated below as they occur. However, please note that it is ultimately your responsibility to verify compliance with your applicable state licensing requirements. 

  • Oklahoma 
    • Pre-approved by the Oklahoma State Board of Behavioral Health (LPC, LMFT, LBP) 
    • State Board of Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADC, CADC)